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Postpartum Home Visits

For families experiencing an uncomplicated vaginal delivery at the hospital, you don't necessarily need to have a prolonged hospital stay postpartum. Most of the time, you are staying at the hospital so that certain tests can be done for the newborn that must take place after 24 hours of birth.


If you choose to discharge early following a hospital birth with a healthy newborn, I'm offering a 24-hour home visit and/or an optional 1 week home visit so that you can spend as much time as possible in the comfort of your own home with your newborn. This is the standard for families that deliver at the birth center, but can now be an option for hospital birth families.

I can perform most of the required tests and check-ups that you would receive at the hospital and pediatrician's office, including:

- Critical Congenital Heart Defect screen

- Newborn Screen

- Weight & Jaundice check

- Lactation counseling and newborn feeding assessment

- Vitals check on parents & baby

- Bleeding, Uterine health, and Pelvic Healing assessment of mother/parent

- Postpartum depression & anxiety screening

If you think this could be a good fit for your family, contact me directly to discuss details.

Midwife Eva doing a newborn check-up
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