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Childbirth Class

This is a comprehensive birth preparation class for those envisioning a birth outside of the hospital system or an unmedicated hospital birth. Includes visual learning methods, hands-on demonstration of massage techniques and labor positions, and plenty of space for questions and exploration. It's ideal to take this class in the late 3rd trimester.


Curriculum includes:

  • Body changes towards the end of pregnancy and signs of labor.

  • Preparing for labor using exercises and stretches, emotional awareness, and how to use herbal medicine for readiness and strength.

  • Discover each phase of labor; its mechanisms and hormones, how to handle each phase with confidence.

  • How to be an exceptional and prepared birth support partner.

  • Techniques to navigate variations of normal and how to reduce the possibility of medical interventions.

  • What to expect in case the need arises for intervention, medication, or transfer.

Group class. If you would prefer to take this class privately with just you and your partner or birth support team, please e-mail me directly.

One-day workshop, approximately 5.5 hours. Held at the Wenatchee Birth Center.

$200 per couple.

Newborn Care & Postpartum Healing Class

Preparing for the expansive changes after birth is just as important as the birth itself. With a focus on deep rest, slowing down, and connecting with your newborn, this class will prepare you and your partner thoroughly to care for yourselves and new baby. It's ideal to take this class in the late 3rd trimester.


Curriculum includes:

  • The constant needs of a newborn including feeding, diapering, washing, comforting, and sleeping.

  • Learning baby's cues and how to figure out what they're communicating.

  • Successful initiation of breastfeeding.

  • Introduction to babywearing.

  • Immediate postpartum comfort and healing measures for the perineal and abdominal muscles.

  • Care for newly postpartum breasts and the progression of lactation.

  • What to expect from bleeding, discharge and physical sensations, week by week.

  • How to optimize your healing and begin gentle movements and exercises.

  • Management of emotional and relationship changes and tips to recover from sleep deprivation.

One-day workshop, approximately 5 hours. Only offered privately, please e-mail me to schedule.

$175 per couple.

Babyled Feeding Class

Many parents feels overwhelmed by the recommendations for starting solid foods for baby. Learn about baby-led feeding (sometimes called baby-led weaning) and how to raise a happy and adventurous eater during this hands-on series.

  • The physiology of infant chewing and swallowing.

  • Minimizing choking risk, and identifying choking vs gagging.

  • Appropriate size and texture of whole foods.

  • How to encourage self-feeding with hands, spoon, and cup.

  • Hands-on practice with ideal first foods.

  • How and when to introduce allergens.

  • Developmental feeding milestones.

  • Managing challenging textures.

  • Looking ahead - how to reduce the risk of picky eating.

  • Hands-on feeding practice.


Ideal for infants who are just starting solids, about 6-8 months old. Organic whole foods (from my garden, when in season!), bibs, and high chairs provided. Babies must be able to sit upright with minimal assistance.

Group class.

Offered every other month.

$150 per family.

Want to help out a friend or family member? Give the gift of knowledge with a gift card.

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